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Exercise & Promoting Physical Wellness

If you have made it to this point of the quarantine and haven’t completely lost your mind, I am proud of you! Our efforts for self-care must absolutely be doubled and I know (as I previously mentioned) self-care isn’t a natural concept to me.

If you are fortunate enough to have a home gym, some sort of equipment or already doing some workouts from home, this blog isn’t for you! You’re already killing it in the game and could use your extensive knowledge to help us out!

Truth be told, determination alone is not enough for me to get off the couch and begin doing a work-out. I have always found it easier to get up and get the gym because it just seems I get more done there. With literally everything being shut down, attendance at the gym is not even optional.

After doing some research to find some interesting ways to stay on top of my personal exercise regime, I stumbled upon some websites that I found to be extremely helpful and I hope they are helpful for you as well.

Being that there are a ton of beginners (myself included; always a beginner) start slow! I am not a doctor nor medical professional and will not be giving out any advice on your body and how to take care of it. I am just someone who is navigating this new way of life just like yourself and a guiding hand is always supportive.

Some other ideas are to youtube some exercises. There is chair yoga all the way up to advanced yoga. Same with many other exercises. On rainy days when we can’t get out to the backyard, my mom has been googling senior aerobics and is loving it!

Please know that my intention is to only provide support. We are literally all in this together. As Governor Cuomo so elegantly states (and a little cheesy might I add) “we are socially distanced and spiritually connected.” My heart is with you all!




Mindfulness is a good technique for coping with stress.  Please watch this short video to learn more about mindfulness practices and how they can help with sustaining your recovery.  Visit www.thriveli.org to seen our virtual calendar of events and participate in a mindfulness group.


Healthy Eating & Staying Active- Part 1

Let me start of my first saying, “I get it!” What ever difficulties you may be experiencing during these super intense times, I can identify. As someone who is in long term recovery from the disease of addiction, I am also in recovery from negative self-talk, poor impulse control, lack of motivation, overwhelming procrastination and debilitating anxiety. I made this blog for anyone who made need some support to help find their way through peace and serenity at any given moment.


For me, food has been both a source of comfort and a vice I struggled with to help me get through the rough times in my life. Growing up, I was always active in both sports and physical activities. Somewhere along my journey, food became more of a coping mechanism and exercise fell way down the list of important things to do. I became extremely unhealthy and it harmed my mental health almost as bad as my substance use disorder did.


I want to let you know that help is here! Let’s work together to find some healthy ways to cope with stress and still enjoy activities and good eating from the comfort of our own homes! 6 days ago, I opened my fridge with the expectation of having this delicious meal and I had very limited resources. I mean, I didn’t even have eggs!


I began investigating and I had no idea that you could google ingredients you had and include your desired diet after and click “search”. What comes up is a wealth of information and recipes that you can make with those ingredients you have.


Realistically speaking, and maybe not that realistic if you’re like me, you may have at least eggs, some leftovers from the last couple of nights before and some sort of oil, butter or pan spray. Voila! A meal!

Eggs are so versatile and cheap that if my substance use disorder was based on an egg addiction, I’d still be active today. Eggs can be sauces; they can complete a meal and can be a meal all by themselves. One of favorite things to make with eggs is a super simple frittata. If I fish through my cabinets, pantry and fridge long enough, I can come up with some pretty interesting ingredients to add to eggs. I made eggs with olives, different cheeses, tomatoes, broccoli, chopped up chicken breast, deli meats, even chocolate chips (that one was gross, and I wouldn’t suggest it to my worst enemy)!


Below I have included some websites that have some good, simple and easy recipes whether you’re on a budget, strapped for ingredients or limited on time.

Check out my next blog on some exercises and ways to get active or stay active! Happy Quarantining!






Wellness Through Nature- Part 1

I remember sitting in a 12-step fellowship back in August of 2016 feeling very incredibly overwhelmed. In those early days of my recovery from substance use disorder I was TOTALLY confused and quite honestly, I was TERRIFIED. I couldn’t fathom how the person next to me could have 25 years without a substance. How they were all talking about an entirely unique conception of a higher power and how it seemingly worked for everyone else but felt so foreign to me. I was stuck in self, stuck in preconceived notions of what a higher power could mean to ME.

What really broke me out of that perception was the process of letting go of my ego. I started going out into the woods for some quiet from the noise of living with 30+ others in a long-term sober living environment. I would go on these long walks alone through the woods of Pilgrim State… yeeaaah, not the safest move. I was living on the property at the time, so going out the front door for a walk meant the grounds of a former psychiatric asylum. This, of all places, was where I started to deconstruct years of worldview and slowly found peace in simply “not knowing”.

While surrounded by this dense woods I started to feel this inner peace. I would listen to the sounds of the trees, the crackling and whooshing as the wind brushed them in all directions. The rustling of the leaves beneath my feet. The smells of the trees, of nearby foliage, of the fresh clean(er) air. The internal monologue that would RACE in other settings, drifted away during this time of being alone in the woods. All the expectations I placed on my life, on other people and institutions was fading away. All I was doing was walking around a bunch of TREES several times a week!?!

I had no idea at the time what was happening, but I was actually practicing a well-known wellness technique called “forest bathing”. Immersing oneself in nature and taking in the forest through all the senses. This technique can be a rejuvenating process. For me it was bridging the gap between Ryan and the natural world. It was through this process that I started to feel CONNECTED to something bigger than me, I felt this CALMING CONFIDENCE and SERENITY. I didn’t need to have all the answers, I simply just had to BE. Just like the beautiful forest surrounding me. I was practicing being PRESENT in the moment.

Today, I enjoy sharing this experience with others! To be out in nature, letting go and feeling FREEDOM FROM SELF. Through Thrive Recovery Center, I’m blessed to organize walks, hikes and forest bathing. This blog will detail some of these AMAZING ADVENTURES, as well as provide some tips and tools for incorporating WELLNESS THROUGH NATURE into your own lives and recovery.

Stay tuned for more!!

-Ryan Kiser – Person In Long-Term Recovery and Grateful THRIVER




FCA’s Peer-Led Sherpa program is still here for you! Watch this video to learn more about what Sherpa can do for you.


To our Thrive Community: As the health and safety of our participants, facilitators, volunteers and staff is important to us, we have taken preventative health measures to protect all who enter our Centers in both Hauppauge and Westbury.

We will be reducing hours to be onsite at Suffolk Thrive Monday - Saturday 1-9 but will be available via phone by calling this number during our normal hours of operation (631-822-3396) 10-8 Monday - Thursday and Friday and Saturday 10-10. We will be reducing hours to be onsite at Nassau Thrive Monday - Saturday 12-4 but will be available via phone by calling this number during our normal hours of operation (516-765-7600- Nassau 10-8 Monday - Thursday and Friday and Saturday 10-10.

We will be offering recovery coach sessions via phone during normal operating hours, as well as a full calendar of virtual support services, including online meetings.

In lieu of in-person gatherings, THRIVE events will now be held virtually across various digital and social media platforms. Please visit our Calendar page for a full list and directions to access our THRIVE Nassau and Suffolk virtual events.

Should you need immediate assistance, LICADD's hotline is available 24/7 at 631-979-1700 or you can call Long Island Crisis Center at 516-679-1111.

THRIVE is committed to making every effort to not interrupt important recovery services and to find alternative methods of doing so in light of this public health crisis. As we continue to monitor the coronavirus and communications from State, Federal and County organizations, we will continue to keep the THRIVE community up to date.

As a reminder, the best way to protect yourself and others is to avoid being exposed to this virus. The CDC recommends the following: • Stay home when you are sick • Stay home if you have traveled in the last 14 days, or if you have been in contact with someone who has traveled in the last 14 days • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 30 seconds •Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, if soap and water are not available • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

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